Enoteche is the plural of enoteca in Italian. It are wine bars, giving visitors or tourists the opportunity to sample locally-produced wines with a view to buying it.

Fortunately, there are numerous enoteche in Piedmont, where visitors can sample a variety of wines. These enoteche are different than enoteche located in other regions of Italy. Unique to the Piedmont are numerous Regionale Enoteca, that have wines of local producers for tasting and sale. They often offer brochures and maps of designated local, self-guided wine itineraries called Strade del Vino or 'Wine Roads'.

The enoteche vary considerable in terms of locations, amenities and styles as well as number of wines available for tasting. Many enoteche are located in interesting buildings of some historic significance such as castles, palazzi, and deconsecrated churches of chapels. Other enoteche are located in more modest but no less accommodating buildings, where the décor can range from stylish to rustic.

Some enoteche offer their own light fare to accompany the wines tasted while others may be associated with more formal restaurants where visitors can enjoy a full meal with the wine selection. The enoteche are generally open every day although hours of operation will vary. Reservations are not required. They do have tasting fees which vary depending on the number, variety and quality of wines offered.