The elegant

Although Piedmont is best known for the red wine, there are also two DOCG's of white, from which "Cortese di Gavi” is one of them. It is an aromatic grape with it a tangy acidity, very different from the Arneis. It produces noble wines, which, depending on the vinification, can be a perfect refreshment sitting down at a sunny terrace or be a great match with some stronger risotto’s or pasta’s. Some wines can age very nicely, even for a period of ten years for example.

Cortese is mainly planted in the northern city of Gavi and municipalities around there, and is also used for a frizzante or spumante. More and more wine producers are discovering this grape, and they succeed in making remarkable wines, with aromatic fragrances and the scent of almonds and hazelnuts, and lemon and sage. So it’s a perfect companion for seafood, but also for vegetarian dishes and chicken. Cortese is therefore often called "the second half of the Piedmont paradise."

Aromas: what kind of things can you smell in a wine made with Cortese grapes?

  • apple, citrus 
  • herbs (sage) 
  • almonds 

Pairing: what kind of food combines well with a wine made with Cortese grapes?

  • appetizers with fish 
  • salads 
  • pasta or risotto with seafood 
  • grilled fish 
  • vegetable dishes 
  • white meat (chicken) 


Wineries that focus on cortese: