Poderi Luigi Einaudi

The total area of the estate is about 145 hectares, 104 of which are situated in the burgh of Dogliani, 7 in that of Barolo, on the hills of Cannubi and Terlo Vie Nuove, and 3 on the hills of Treiso.
Only little more than 45 hectares, in the best positions, are cultivated as vineyards, the rest is divided into wood copses, land fit for sowing, hazelnuts and pasture. On the estate there are 12 farmhouses. Every farmhouse is responsible for the management of their land, a real and independent small agricultural business within the main estate. The wines are produced only with grapes grown in these properties.

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31 Borgata Gombe
Gombe 12063
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Wine cellar, vineyard tour and wine tasting -Welcome aimed at little wine enthusiasts groups of people. -The history of the ancient farmhouses, located in the best positions. -The old barrique cellar and oak barrels. -The landscape, the vineyards surrounded by the majestic sight of Maritime Alps. -The wine tasting discovering three different terroir: Dogliani, Barolo, Neive. Seminar on tasting & "sensory discovery" - A critical and deep exchange with the Oenologist of Poderi Einaudi winery, in order to discover the work in the vineyard. Grapevine, from the bud to the wine … the choice of the right grape bunch. - At the winery. Guided tour through the different phases of wine making process. - Aromas and scents. Learn about wine, during a guided wine tasting. Recognize in the glass the fragrances of the vineyard.The wine is conversation, tells us its history.
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Only on reservation