Roagna Azienda Agricola I Paglieri

Luca Roagna is one of Piedmont's most promising young producers. A traditionalist, the modern way. That's what we like!

We met Luca on several wine tastings, and it was always something different. Luca belongs to the fifth generation of a wine making family, that owns 15 hectares of fertile lands. Half of them are situated in the Babaresco region and the other half in Barolo. But the heart of the corporation and the cellar are situated in the historical Barbaresco region, in the amphitheater called Pajè. The Roagna family owns the parcel since the fifties, so they know the vineyard through and through. They produce three different cuvées: the basic Pajé from 40-45 year old vines, the Pajé Riserva with 60+ year old vines and the Crichet Pajé from vines that are 65 or more years old. Take a look at their website: they have a very nice page that is dedicated to the parcels and exposures of their vineyards.

To the Roagna family, terroir means everything. They don't have a specific bio certification, but they let the grass grow free and never use herbicides or pesticides. 

The Roagna's are also traditionalists. This means they harvest late, they are fans of native yeasts and a long maceration (up till 90 days), and let their wines age for 4 or even 5 years in big wooden barrels. 

One more thing: the Roagna wines can be a bit pricy. That's why our coups de coeur is the affordable Langhe Rosso. But don't let the name Langhe Rosso fool you. Although its origin lies in vineyards based in Barolo and Barbaresco, these vines are only 20 years old. The Langhe Rosso's aftertaste cannot be compared to that of its big brothers, but this baby Barolo has all the characteristics of a good Barolo.

Oh yeah: they have a B&B as well, Casa Roagna. Let us know if you've been there!

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