Produttori del Barbaresco Società Agricola Cooperativa

Must visit when you want to know more about the Barbaresco Area, and more important, taste different Barbaresco wines. Located in the center of the picturesque town of Barbaresco.

Prior to 1894, Nebbiolo grapes were sold to make Barolo wine or simply labeled "Nebbiolo di Barbaresco". But in 1894, Domizio Cavazza, headmaster of the Royal Enological School of Alba, created the first cooperative, the "Cantine Sociali", by gathering together nine Barbaresco vineyard owners to make wine in the local castle that he owned.

Cavazza understood that there were differences between Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Barolo district versus the same grapes grown in the Barbaresco district. The "Cantine Sociali" was forced to close in the 1920's because of fascist economic rules. In 1958, the priest of the village of Barbaresco, recognizing that the only way the small properties could survive was by joining their efforts, gathered together nineteen small growers and founded the 'Produttori del Barbaresco'.

The first three vintages were made in the church basement, and then in the winery building across the square from where the Produttori is still located. United once again, the small growers continued the work started by Domizio Cavazza, producing only Barbaresco wine and enhancing both the reputation of the wine and the village. The proud past of Barbaresco and the dedication of its creators have made the Produttori one of the greatest producers in a great wine-producing area; it... "continues to set some of the highest standards of wine making for any cooperative in the world" (Robert M. Parker, Jr.). The Produttori del Barbaresco, founded in 1958, now has 50 members and 110 hectares of Nebbiolo vineyards in the Barbaresco appellation, which amounts to almost 1/6 of the vineyards of the area.

Each family is in full control of its land, growing Nebbiolo grapes with centuries old skill and dedication. The winery produces a Barbaresco D.O.C.G., a blend of Nebbiolo grapes harvested from different vineyards, and a simpler Nebbiolo Langhe suited for earlier consumption. In great vintages, nine single-vineyard Barbarescos are produced from nine classic premium sites within the Barbaresco village boundaries. The Produttori del Barbaresco produces around 420,000 bottles (35,000 cases) per year. 

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