Enoteca Regionale Colline Alfieri dell'Astigiano


The Enoteca Regionale delle Colline Alfieri was officially launch in early 2009, after a journey that has seen the synergistic work of producers and institutions : today more than 40 producers working together for the promotion and enhancement of their passionate work of winemakers . We are located in the extreme west of the province of Asti , a land of great wines from the vineyards that span from north to south throughout its territory . Le Colline Alfieri 'm a soft hilly system that opens the doors to those who arrive dall'albese of Asti and Turin : 7 countries that have joined in the promotion of the territory because they firmly believe that the products of their land should be valued and promoted . The wine, Colline Alfieri, who are here in the geographic center of the wine hills of the Basso Piemonte, established the landscape , shaped timing and rhythm of work in the countryside and yet exciting when you taste : our territory is left Tanaro , although with difficulty , knowing a historic moment linked to its wines . Here Barbera deserves the deepening of a visit to the winery because, although distignuendosi from that of the Tanaro right , shows a great body , soft notes and intense aromas expression of a terroir to be discovered. But Barbera is not alone : the area of stands and stands out for its wine making some goodies . The Cisterna d' Asti DOC 2002, is a distinctive feature of these hills , historically croatina vinified from grapes grown in the area, over the last two DOC were born just a few months ago: Terre Terre Alfieri Alfieri Nebbiolo and Arneis , after years of waiting, finally further embellish the oenological potential of these hills. Around the wine, then , there are a whole host of culinary excellence to complete the table : cherries Revigliasco , the Piedmontese beef farms Tigliole ( celebrated in a beautiful exhibition in the summer) , polenta corn Ottofile Antignano , the white truffle that is a great place in our groves , apple " Divine " of San Damianod'Asti , the " Ratafià " cherry liquor prepared in Celle ... Enomondo . This just to name a few ... but the whole basket deserves to be discovered slowly ... .visitando our territory. Manicured landscape , lovely views , a sweet and varied countryside , orderly vineyards and ancient villages : these are the characteristics of a young and territory to be discovered. Colline Alfieri : Langhe , Monferrato and Roero meet here

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