About us

We are wine aficionado’s who fell hopelessly in love. For once not with a wine but with an entire region: Piemonte! After surviving a Sommelier education, numerous wine trips and the tasting of countless wines, we found our true Walhalla.

Our main aim, is to give an overview of all wineries in Piemonte. All the basics will be listed: address, contact info, wines made, grapes used etc...Along with this information, photo’s of the winery will also be available. We do not limit ourselves to the big players, but also give the necessary attention to the small family wineries. 

However, we will not just give a dry list of information. Since we are pure wine lovers, we have our own preferences. Wineries who, by merely thinking of their wines, make us dream of a fresh spring morning, or a wild Piemonte thunderstorm. Wines that instantly bring a smile to our face, even on the grimmest winter days. We like winemakers who do not fear the experiment and who make wines that tell a story. Winemakers who create wines that keep us company, throughout a long evening with friends. 

These wineries deserve a place in our hart, as we will always be grateful to them. On our site, they will get an honorary mentioning and be the centre of attention for a week. These wineries will get our weekly title of ‘winery of the week’.

We truly believe that more people should visit this hospitable region. Visit a winery and take the time to get to know the wines and the local wine culture. You will be hard pressed to find a more welcoming wine region! We want to help the future visitors of this superb region. Our site provides the ideal tool to prepare and plan your wine trip in Piemonte.